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Group Info

Hello all and welcome to the Tickle Shop!
Like tickling, feet, bellies and bellybuttons, bondage and other things in that topic?
Then this shop is the place for you. Enjoy your visits.

Although primarily for tickling, this group will accept other fetish art such as feet, bondage, bellies and bellybuttons, etc.
Hope you enjoy looking around, and don't forget to check out our awesome affiliate groups. Love, Light and Tickles. :)

Folder List:
1. Bellies and Bellybuttons
2. Paws and Furry Tickling
3. Feet
4. Bondage
5. Playful Tickling
6. Erotic Tickling
7. Tickle Monsters
8. Tickler and Ticklish Deviants - Self Portraits
9. Stories, Comics and Journals
10. OC's and Roleplay
11. The Shop
12. Other
13. Games and Animation
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 21, 2011


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418 Members
511 Watchers
41,114 Pageviews
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Reminder to all

Please submit your artwork into the correct folder. If a folder gets full, alert the group as soon as possible.

Bellies and Bellybuttons: Pictures/Photos of belies and bellybuttons and/or of them getting tickled.

Paws and Furry Tickling: For pictures of paws and and furry/anthro creatures getting tickled.

Feet: Photos of feet and pictures/artwork of feet getting tickled

Bondage: Pictures/photos of bondage and/or bondage with tickling

Playful Tickling: This folder is for your standard tickle pictures. Got a picture of people been tickled that is okay for all to view? It belongs in this folder.

Mature Tickling: This folder is for any pictures that show 'private' body parts or show mature/erotic tickling.

Tickle Monsters: For pictures of people, anthros, aliens, etc. getting tickled by the ''floating hands/feathers' or by actual monsters.

Tickler and Ticklish Deviants - Self Portraits: This folder is for ID photos of you; the members and contributors. You do not have to add your photos if you do not want to.

Stories, Comics and Journals: A folder for your stories, comics and journals related to tickling.

OC's and Roleplay: This folder is for pictures of your OCs (whether they be ticklers or ticklees) and roleplay pictures/stories.

The Shop: If you've got a ticklish adoptable, tickler adoptable or something tickling related you want to show off or sell, place it here.

Other: For artwork that is tickle related but doesn't fit into the other groups for various reasons.

Games and Animation: Animated tickling pics or online games about tickling go here.

This group will not tolerate bullying, trolling, prejudice or discrimination of any kind.
If you are found to be in violation of this rule, you will be removed from the group immediately.

If you want to use either of the Tickle Shop's chatrooms, click these links:

thetickleshop -…
xxxTickleChatxxx -…


:iconbondagepublishing: - who some time back started publishing an e-zine devote to bondage art as previously mentioned here ( ) - has got some new information he wants me to share.

The E-zine is still carrying on, although now he has something new to add. He is now publishing stories of bondage and BDSM (primarily as e-books but with a print-on-demand option planned).
It is serious professional publishing, though small-press as yet, with professional editing, cover art, author royalties, the whole works.

It’s still a work in progress, but he needs all the help he can get.
All the details he has are written down here:
More Journal Entries


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Aura-Silvier Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
Ever dreamed you could have your own mannequin or dolly? I'm always open to some dollification or mannequin rps. I'm a lovely submissive who is more than happy (or not!) To be encased head to toe in plastic and dressed up my way you'd like. Perhaps you've got a special machine that you toss a bound submissive into and on the other end out pops a perfectly subdued and encased latex doll all for you. Be creative. I'm game for ll your fantasies.

Or perhaps you're part spider and are looking for a fresh victim to wrap in warm, gooey silk? 

I'll try anything as a submissive once!
liljess111 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
Anyone wanna rp? Note me :3
liljess111 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015
I'm new here. . I'm a ticklee. .
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015
Well welcome
Ghost-Angel-or-Devil Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Does anyone here do requests or point commissions...?
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015
Depends on what sort of thing your after there, since a lot of artists have their "dos & donts"
Ghost-Angel-or-Devil Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Well. I'm hoping to spread a (male) oc of mine around the tickle community and I can't draw too I'm hoping others will see the pics of other artists and maybe become interested...
ghost-angel-or-devil.deviantar… This is my oc.
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015
Yeah I can't think of anyone who might since it's such an unusual subject.... Your best bet is just look around at artists who take commissions, your best bet may be with people within the furry community as they're pretty damn open with what they draw
(1 Reply)
SoftLaughter Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
Hi! Anyone up for a rp?
fgfetish Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for the request! XD
TickleWizard Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
You're welcome buddy! I meant to go through and do it the other day when I found your page, but the damn group thing wasn't working
TummyButtonTickle Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
now taking commissions, for anyone who's interested: you can commissions tickle stories or tummy-focused stories, belly pictures, etc. :D
kitakex Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
have a look ;)
tobi92-tobias Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
take a look at my signature ;)
SensualTouchX Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the request! :)

Sorry for flooding your inbox with submissions :XD: I think I misplaced one of them along the lines. I accidentally submitted a non-tickling picture of one of my characters to the Feet folder.
TicklishKat Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the request to join!~
figured this girl deserves more attention.. check her out in her gallery, too. she's quite beautiful.
BigJohnnyCool Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Hey, I have a question for any administrators who run this site, from one administrator of a group to another...

I'm trying to set my group's gallery settings to where any gallery can be contributed to by any member, and not only the administrator. Can anyone help me navigate through this problem?
AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
(Apologies that I haven't got in touch with you until now. I'll try and help).

1. Go onto your group's home page and near the top of the page are several tabs that read as follows:
Home - About Us - Gallery - Favourites - Journal - Admin Area

2. Click on 'Admin Area'

3. Near the top of the page on the left hand side, there should be a link that says 'Manage Members'. Click on it.

4. The page you end up on now is where you can make the necessary adjustments. Click on 'Members' in the far left hand column and then, in the far right hand column, you can start making the adjustments you want.
(Save after every change, no matter how small).

5. After you've made all the changes you want and saved them, double check just to make sure everything is okay and save it one more time.

6. After that, click on the Home tab near the top of the page to return you to the group, and you're done. :)

(Let me know if you encounter any issues and I will try and help the best I can).
BigJohnnyCool Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
Thanks, and noted!
AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
You're most welcome. :)
Secretdog2 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
Hi I am new and if anyone wants to rp tickling I will do any scenario unless you don't have any ideas then I'll give some ideas I have. I have all kinds of ocs. I prefer to have them tickled but a few will tickle you or your oc.
IHCOYC Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good evening, and thanks for accepting me.  :happybounce: 
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